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Firefly  1x01 Serenity

B: I’ve been out of the abbey two days, I’ve beaten a lawman senseless, I’ve fallen in with criminals. I watched the captain shoot the man I swore to protect. And I’m not even sure if I think he was wrong. I believe… I just… I think I’m on the wrong ship.
I: Maybe. Or maybe you’re exactly where you ought to be.

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On a Friday afternoon, after rejecting Firefly's original pilot “Serenity”, Fox executives instructed series creator Joss Whedon to submit a new pilot script on Monday morning or the show would not be picked up. Whedon and his co-executive producer Tim Minear locked themselves away for the weekend to write this script, adding “larger than life” supporting characters and making the episode more action-centric to please the network. This new pilot, directed by Whedon, later became the series' second episode. Firefly premiered with “The Train Job” on Fox on September 20, 2002, twelve years ago today.

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get to know me meme | [2/5] favorite tv-shows - Firefly

We’re still flyin’ - That’s not much - It’s enough.

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GIF MEME | Wash x Zoë + Quotes
— requested by iamayeti

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Nathan Fillion’s panel Q&A at Phoenix Comic Con | June 7, 2014 (x)

Q: If Firefly had gone on longer, what is something you would’ve hoped to have gotten to do with either just Mal or the story in general?

And they’re all beagles, right?

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